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BTW 2007 Poster by Guy Sirrat

BIKE WEEK was May 13th - 19th
Bike to Work/School Day was Thursday, May 17th

Commuters in San Benito County are encouraged to bike to work and school during Bike Week. Once you discover the freedom, convenience, and fitness benefits of biking to work, you'll wonder why you didn't start riding sooner. Bicycling can be a convenient, dependable, and virtually free mode of transportation. And bicycling burns about 500 calories an hour, so you can commute and stay fit at the same time.


Breakfast Sites:
Briggs Lawn, Corner of Fourth St. and San Benito St. Hollister (6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.)

Bike to Work “Commuter Bike Challenge”
Bike to Work Day will give your business employees the opportunity to participate in the Commuter Bike Challenge. The Commuter Bike Challenge is an opportunity for San Benito County businesses to exercise their competitive spirit. The business with the highest percentage of employees riding their bike to work on May 17th will win a FREE lunch for participating employees. To participate call 637-7665.

Receive $.25 off any County Express ride if you bike to the bus stop during Bike Week, May 13th - 19th.

Commit to using an alternative to driving alone, including bicycling, at least four times during the month of May and you could win $1,000 CASH. Register at all Bike Week events or at

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